Rides of 2020

For local riding, 2020 was a great year. COVID meant, no long rides and pretty much no other group entertainment activities. Having wanting to replace the Avenger for quite a while, the puncture on a ride in May, made me pull the trigger on buying the Dominar 250. In the hindsight I should have waited... Continue Reading →

Bike Ride: Bangalore Backroads Circuit

Been wanting to do this ride for quite sometime. Back in 2010, I did a ride around Bangalore on my old Unicorn. Since then wanted to always do it again. The intent is to do a full circle around Bangalore on the backroads. Enjoy the narrow roads, villages and the flowering trees. Unfortunately this was... Continue Reading →

Bike Ride: Dandiganahalli Dam

Ride to Dandiganahalli Dam near Chikkaballapur with a colleague and friend UmaShankar. Most rides in 2020 are there just to escape the lock down and restrictions to stay at home. Also wanted to take the D250 for a spin and get more miles on the bike. So off we went for a small breakfast ride... Continue Reading →

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