I returned on Friday from a 7 day trip of the lower Grand Circle area. We managed to cover Grand Canyon (South Rim), Monument Valley, Lake Powell area (Antelope Canyon), Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. We also managed to sneak in a day of relaxation in Las Vegas. As always, lost a few bucks too.

It was a great trip going from the desert of the South West to the snow in Bryce. I must say that spring is the best time to visit the area. The desert flowers are in full bloom.
Now I have the daunting task of processing about 600 pictures we took during the trip. That’ll keep me busy over the next few weeks. Here are some after a quick round of processing.
Grand Canyon at Sunset.
Grand Canyon at Sunrise.
Monument valley.
Monument valley.
Antelope Canyon.
Bryce Canyon.
Red Rock Canyon at Bryce.
Wild Flowers.
Wild Flowers.
Las Vegas.