I am a IDEA user at work and Eclipse user at home. Last year I tested both IDEA and Eclipse performance with large projects and found IDEA to be more nimble and responsive to my needs (except for startup and initial project parsing). However I still use Eclipse at home.

I have been using 3.1M4 at home for a few months. Last weekend I downloaded 3.1M6 and I find that performance has degraded considerable. Quite often when I switch windows, M6 gives me a white unpainted rectangle. Very similar to the gray box, badly written swing application are infamous for. My project is quite small, around 50 classes. So project size is definitely not the issue. I even tried various startup args. No improvements. My current setting is eclipse.exe -data C:\java\eclipse_workspace -vmargs -Xms256M -Xmx512M -Xverify:none

What’s going on? Is the Eclipse team getting complacent? OSS zealots, please don’t start the “go fix it rant”.

Netbeans seems to have improved a lot with 4.1. However, being a lazy guy, I am so used to the refactoring Eclipse and IDEA provide that living without it is impossible. From the specs, Netbeans does not yet match that standard.

Hope M7 will be better.