As much as I like the gmail interface, I prefer to use Thunderbird with gmail to read my mail on windows. Other than the richer interface, I like the security of being able to backup my mail on my disk. The plan was to use the share same mail repository between windows and linux.

The 1st step was to install Thunderbird. So, as suggested on, I downloaded thunderbird-1.0.2.tar.gz from and uncompressed it to disk. Launching it should have been as easy as executing thunderbird binary. But that came up with error while loading shared libraries: Looking around, I couldn’t find anything resembling libXp on disk. Off to google. I needed to install some deprecated xorg libs. So I installed xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-6.8.2-38.i386.rpm. That lead to error while loading shared libraries:

Now I didn’t want to get into the chain of installing deprecated libraries. So back to google. Some one suggested trying yum. I was hesitant to use yum, since I wasn’t sure whether it would install the latest version. After looking at man pages for yum, I tried yum info thunderbird. Ok the latest available is 1.0.2. That’s good enough. yum install thunderbird did the work.

Next was sharing the mails between windows and linux. That was a piece of cake thanks to the

So now I have my mail setup to be accessible on linux, windows and on the web.

Good Going