Some photographs from a camping trip to Kings & Sequoia Canyon National Park. Its a nice park and much less crowded than Yosemite (which is just North of this place). Like Yosemite, this is bear country and while driving in the park we saw three bear cubs cross the road ahead of us and scramble up the hill side. First time I saw bear in the wild.

The park also has some of the largest trees in the world. Surprising fact is that these Sequoia trees grow in only about 75 groves in the world and all of these are found within few hundred miles of each other

We camped at the Dorst Campground. It was a huge campground, but the campsite were very cramped. All the sites were very close to the road and very near each other. A place to avoid.

I got some nice photographs in the meadows and of the trees. The album is at