Just uploaded the binaries for JBlogEditor 0.3.0.

The big feature in this release is a spell checker. Thanks to the good work of folks at Jazzy, I was able to integrate a Spell Checker with little work. The included dictionary is a little lacking, but it can be easily updated. I believe I could have used the Google APIs for spell checking, but the fact that each user will need their own key is not something I like. I guess, I will write an experimental plugin for spell checking using Google APIs

Other than that, I also uploaded Mac OS binaries. I haven’t actually tested these binaries, but I believe it will work since the only platform specific part is the eclipse stuff.

As usual I am writing this entry using JBlogEditor. Two features ideas while writing this entry: word wrap and paragraph tags.

Update: Google spell checker API only provides 1 suggestion for an incorrect word. Not very usable.