Vishal and Manas have posted on Job Satisfaction here, here and here.

Personally I feel why so much fuss on Job Satisfaction. As Manas says, what we should be talking about is “satisfaction in general”. He contends that satisfaction in general is missing.

As per the dictionary:Satisfaction

  1. The fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite.
  2. Pleasure or contentment derived from such gratification.
  3. A source or means of gratification.

So if satisfaction is missing from today’s life, it is because the appetite has increased

Satisfaction can be measured in two ways: absolute terms and relative terms. You want to lust for the first and somewhat content with the second.

While doing photography, I would be satisfied in absolute terms if I could take a landscape like Ansel Adam. However, given my skills and dedication to the art, I am relatively satisfied with what I produce. Not that I don’t want to do better or cannot do better. Just that the amount of effort I put in the hobby, is consistent with what I get out of it. This is relative satisfaction.

When we talk about satisfaction, we generally refer to relative satisfaction. In today’s world, we are expecting more from life than what we give put into it.

Is that a good thing?

I believe it is a good thing. It drives us to perform better and achieve more. In general extract more out of our self.

There is a negative side too. I’ll blog about thst later.

On a side note, why so much importance on “Job” Satisfaction? Because most of us spend at least 8hrs a day at work and spend the rest of our day recovering from that 8hrs of work.