Last year I started writing JBlogEditor, to experiment with Eclipse RCP. Since the beginning, I had planned to open source the code. However, the whole process of open sourcing the code seems daunting to me. Now I have decided that the next release will be under an open source license.

I don’t want to put up the code on my website, slap one of the OSS licenses and forget about it.

Instead, I hope to make it available in such a way to allow the project to grow. The problem is, I don’t really know how to do that.

Some of the things I know I need to do upfront is:

  • Pick up a host site. I have in mind: Javaforge or Sourceforge. Javaforge may have an advantage there, since I use svn at home for JBlogEditor.
  • Pick a license. Since JBlogEditor is built on top of Eclipse RCP, EPL is the natural choice. Any reason I should pick a different one?
  • What else?

Any tips on how to take a personal project and create a successful open source project out of it?

Update: I posted the same question on Javalobby website. If you have any comments, you can also comment there.