About a year ago when I was looking for a position in India, I met this CEO of a very young startup. There were creating software to manage applications (like app servers, databases and stuff) installed in a data centers. I being a UI guy (not that it should matter), asked him how does he foresee his users using this software.

He answered:

That does not matter. We’ll figure out the users later.

Hearing that, I decided not to pursue that opportunity further. When creating any product, it is essential to thing of the user from Day 0. Without that, you’ll probably end up creating a piece of code no one wants to use.

Goggling for that company today, I found that it has folded. I don’t think it is in any way related to the above. Probably, The reason was lack of good talent in Hyderabad, where they were planning to set up their office. More on that later.