OTP – 98.79% in June 2007 (within 1 hr)

claims Air Deccan in its July in-flight magazine.

I couldn’t stop laughing. The longest point to point flight in India is would be no longer than three or three and a half hour. A one hour delay is almost 33% of your flight time.

I am glad I don’t fly a lot, but over the last month I flew twice to Delhi and once to Bombay. Every flight was delayed by more than 15 min (yep that’s my standard). One Kingfisher flight, delayed by 25min, did not even acknowledge the delay.

Times of India says It’s official: 40% of metro flights delayed. Again a flight is considered delayed if it is delayed for more then 1 hr. And this is just the metros where the airports are better staffed (I believe) and the infrastructure is better. Every time I have flown out of Bangalore, every second flight that is departing seem to be delayed. If we extend this statistics to smaller minimal infrastructure airports like Bangalore, this number would shoot above 70%. And if we count all flight delayed more than 15 min, then this stat would become meaningless.

We definitely need some better standards here.