Of late I have been practicing this philosophy of “Doing Less”.

The idea here is to do less number of things and do them well.

Where did this come from?
In May, while waiting in the airport for my flight back home, I took out a pen and paper to make a list of things I need to do after getting home. As I wrote down things, slowly it became a two page list. From printing large prints, to sorting my paperwork, to filing taxes and to make a release of JBlogEditor and JHelpBuilder, the list had everything I had pending since the last six months.

At that point I realized that this was too long a list of tasks for me to satisfactorily complete. I then decided to do less number of things. It was inspired by http://zenhabits.net/2007/05/handbook-for-life-52-tips-for-happiness-and-productivity which I had read a few days back.

The idea here is not to do less work, but less no of items and do a better job at each one of those.

I short listed three area to work on:

  • Family (it is all about that): Spending more time with Pareena; Just sitting with Vaishali and Pareena in the common room and talk.
  • Job and career development: That’s where the moolah to put food on the table comes.
  • Photography and related activities: shooting, printing, processing and so on.

Everything else is out.

I have been try that for the last two months and I fell that it works very well for me. I had been planning to shoot a slide roll for years. I did that last month.  For several months I wanted to print and frame some large print. I did that last week. Similarly some things at work which I wanted to do for a while got done recently.

This really work. 🙂