People often ask me what is the right time to visit Nainital. I generally end up asking their preferences (cold weather, crowds, greenery and so on) and recommend a time of the year.

However, the first two weeks after the rains starts is one time of the year that everyone should avoid.


  • The summer crowds haven’t yet completely left the city. So you feel like stuck in the last throngs of a closing mela.
  • The rains (and the city municipality) haven’t had time to clean up the filth left by the summer crowds.
  • The city still smells of the urine, sewage and other unimaginable smells of summer. It needs several heavy showers to deodorize the city.
  • The greenery on the hillside is yet to get that beautiful monsoon green color.
  • The smell and the wetness of monsoon is yet to permeate the city building and foliage.