Last Sat, went to the City Market with a couple of BPC friends. I was divided whether on which lens to take. A normal or wider lens would be the ideal choice. There is a lot of activity in the crowded place which needs to be captured in one frame. However, I ended up taking the 85/1.8. The primary reason was that I hadn’t given this lens much workout outdoors.

There were times I missed a wider lens, especially when taking shots of vendors with their wares. But overall the higher speed of the lens was extremely useful. While the action lasts in the market, light is a little low.

Going to the City market is a great experience. The flower market is a treat of colors. Flowers, flowers and flowers every where. From the photographers perspective, everything waiting to be captured.

The market reminded the Sector 26 mandi we went to when I was a kid in Chandigarh. I don’t remember seeing flowers in Chandigarh and one there was a lot larger in scale.

Some photographs:

Colors of the City Market – Bangalore

Faces of the City Market – Bangalore