Goodbye Akme Harmony

As we moved to KB, we also bade farewell to Akme Harmony, our residence for last 17 months.

Akme Harmony was a good place to stay in March 2006. The complex was well kept, resident were few and overall facilities worked well.

Over a period of time things started deteriorating. First Akme cut down the maintenance staff. There was hardly anyone taking care of landscaping. Then the plumbing and electrical maintenance staff started taking days to respond to calls.

As the next step down, some residents from Akme formed a committee to take over the working of the complex (perhaps the committee was already there and they started taking more active interest). Things worsened after that.

Broken park swings were not repaired. Water bodies were hardly filled/cleaned. Haphazard rules and regulations started being imposed (no pets in lifts even for 8th floor residents). Water shortage became rampant, in spite of digging 4 bore wells within a span of 4 months (yeah there is talk of financial irregularity in some quarters).

Even worse was the attitude of committee members when questions on these rules or dysfunctional system were raised.

Communication as quoted below has started to happen often on the mailing list.

This one to a tenant who raised the issue of misbehavior by a maintenance staff:

You don’t realize that you are given a privilege to to be part of the email access [member of society mailing list] to be in the loop…

Most importantly, you are renting here because it’s suits you – you are not doing charity or social service here.….
All in all, you have abused the access [member of society mailing list] given to you and continue to do so – it’s ought to be stopped.

and this one to someone who objected to sudden (and without discussion) imposition of move in/out charge

This email is notify few AKME Harmony Tenants who shows undue interest in the Association and other matters – be it Move in-out charges or how to conduct Association activities etc – they are given privileged access to yahoo groups…

Generally a society is expected to improve once the residents association takes over. Akme Harmony seems to be going the other way.

For now, it is a place to be avoided.

Personally we stayed there and movied out without issues. We did have some issues around holding our daughter’s birthday party at the party hall, but nothing major which I could not overcome by shouting at a few people.

We made some good friends there. And our house owner was such a nice gentleman, that he returned the entire deposit to us which is something very few tenants generally get when vacating a premises in Bangalore.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Akme Harmony

  1. Hello Lokesh,

    Thanks for the informative article about Akme Harmony !
    I was planning to buy a flat in Akme Harmony, but am scared now after reading your article

    Can you please advise me ?
    Is there a fundamental problem in the maintenance of the apartment ?
    Or is it a problem with a select few involved in the maintenance ?
    Or is it more of a case of the maintenance falling into the hands of a cartel with some vested interests ?

    I will be really grateful to you for your advice
    If you prefer talking instead of explaing things in an email, please pass on your cell number to me

    98863 93353

  2. Hi Guys,
    I am owner of a flat in Akme Harmony and also been living here for the past 2 years. Thought i would take this opportunity to clear some air here. I would rate Akme Harmony as the best apartment in terms of quality of construction, floor plan, location, quality of residents, development of area in and around and many many other things. Issues with the association or some one personal experience with the association or the people in the apartment don’t make it a bad flat.
    Not a single day i was out of water in an area like sarjapura where all the water needs come from the scant bore wells – i guess that speaks for how the association maintains the apartment. Never without a backup, never seen water clogged in the car parks etc etc … Yes, often seen dry waterbodies, once a broken swing, some time less the perfect security and many times arguments with the association members … but that’s 1% going wrong. By all standards 99% is fantastic for me – I thought that’s heavenly 🙂
    Also to note that Akme harmony current smaller 3 Bhk rents are at 20/22K range. 2Bhk is renting out at 18K. All this does not include maintenance( another 2K approx). Do you think any one is going to pay that rent if the apartment is not good? Please research a bit more and take a sound decision.
    Needless to say I quite strongly disagree with the impression that the blog post seems to convey.

    Shiv ( )
    PS : No intentions of selling or renting my flat

  3. Even we have zeroed in on a flat in Akme Harmony. If everything goes fine we’l be finalised the deal in a few weeks time. What i personally feel is that once in a while small problems are fine. Nothing can go smooth. As Mr Shiv told if 1% goes wrong and 99% is fantastic that is much more than you can expect:). Hope to make some really good friends in Akme!!!

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