Gulmohars are in bloom and the lure of hitting the tarmac was omnipresent. After toying around with google maps for a route, I decided to take the Malur road and extend it via KGF to Krishnagiri and back.
Below is the route I ended up taking. Good choice for a ride; bad for photography.

Route Map

Left home a little later than usual for there to be enough light for the photos. Canon S90 is not really knows for its high ISO quality. The image below shows that clearly.

First glimpse of the Gulmohars. The sun still hasn't risen and the grey horizon makes for bad light for photos.
This is what I was hoping to photograph. Had to ride again in the evening to take this pic.

First stop for photos lit a bulb in my head. How could I have not thought of it? The first part (i.e., morning hours) of the ride, I was heading east; into the rising sun. The light would be coming from the wring direction. Plus I was still too early for the sun and Gulmohar combo to paint the view scarlet red.
Making a mental note to come back at sundown soon, I head on to NH4 and after hitting Hoskote, turned right under the 2nd flyover. The road on the left goes to Chintamani. A pleasant route. I have fond memories of that ride, first decent ride on the Avy 220.
The road to Malur is in excellent condition. The Gulmohars are in full bloom. Few photos below from a sunset ride I did just to photograph the blooms.



Past Malur, I head towards Bangarpet. The road is patchy; pretty bad in some stretches and decent in other. The terrain turned dry and shrubby. The tree lined road gives way to a dusty one. Rocky outcrops dot the landscape.

Rocky outcrop past Tekal

It is still early in the morning, so the sun beating down from above is still bearable.


Pausing to rest under a hard to find tree, I realise another mistake. No water bottle. I was glad this was a short ride through populated terrain. Water would be easy to find.

After a tea break at Bangarpet, I head on towards the KGF area. Flowering trees make a come back, probably planted by the KGF people.

Post Kotilingeshwara the desolate landscape resumes. Searching for a shady tree, I find one after several Km and stop for a short break.

A little rest under shady tree

Next I have to take left at Venkatagirikota. There are a few people on the road and none could confirm that I am on the right road to Venkatagirikota. After asking 5-6 people, I realise I should be asking for V.Kota. Everyone knew about V,Kota and I get confirmation that I am heading in the right direction.

V.Kota is a decent sized city and I take a right turn towards Krishnagiri.
Finding a Hetitage Parlour I stop for some cold Badam milk before heading on.

The road is excellent till Krishnagiri with very few small bad stretches. The terrain is still not pretty, though the road is mostly lined with shade giving trees.

Rocky Terrain

From Krishnagiri, it is a home stretch on NH-7, but at Shoolkagiri I decide to take a twist. I know an alternate route home and so turn right towards Berikai.
Puri and coffee at Berikai for breakfast. Puri was a bad choice as I struggled to push the cold dry puri down my throat.

Berikai to Bagalur is a nice road. At Bagalur there is a bridge under construction where only 2 wheelers can pass. Been like that for months.
Past Bagalur, I realise that there was some rattling noise on the front side. A funny rattle every time I hit a bump. Stopped to investigate but could not figure out much.
Bagalur to Sarjapur and then to Whitefield via Chikkatirupati. The well laid road leads to a nice ride.
290Km and home by 2PM.