Reading Unwanted by Tagore

…and then, right at the bottom was Satish’s precious swan inkstand.

Amazed and flushed, Kiran sat pondering for a long time with the inkstand in her hand. When Nilkanta came into the room from behind her, she never even noticed. He saw everything; realized that Kiran had herself come like a thief to confirm his thieving, and he had been caught. But how could he explain that he had not stolen like a common thief out of greed, that he’d done in retaliation, that he’d meant to throw the think into the river, and only in a moment of weakness he had not thrown it away, but had buried it in his box? He was not a thief, he was not a thief? But then what was he? How could he say what he was? The fact that Kiran had suspected him – it was cruel injustice of this that he would never be able to explain, never be able to bear.

Read this story a few days back and since then this part has stuck to my mind. I could not put my finger on what only this part stuck to me. There was something different, perhaps something special. And then today while drive back after a tiring day it stuck me. It was the description of what was going on in the mind of unseen Nilkanta. In such situations, most stories/books/writers would just talk about what Kiran’s thought and what would be going on in her mind.

Not Tagore. He drops a hint as to what Kiran is thinking, which is obvious, and moves on to Nilkanta. Mastery at work.