So Saturday (Apr 18th) evening I made an impromptu decision to ride out on Sun. Looked up Google Maps and zeroed in on a circular route via Anchetty and Kanakpura. I had looked at this on the map few weeks earlier and wondered how the route would be.

It was time to find out.

Route Map

It was still dark when I left. A few stars were twinkling overhead. I was glad it was going to be a clear day. Somewhere around the Sarjapur – Atibele road the horizon started brightening up. Pulled off the road onto a narrow lane while lead to villages into the interior to take a few pictures.

Clear Morning

At Atibele, I choose to take the country roads rather than the main highway. Good decision. As I crossed the TVS factory, the orange globe emerged. Stopped again for some pictures.

Sunrise Selfie

Recent rains had created numerous road side ponds filling up the low-lying places. One of them was showing marvelous reflections. So stopped by to take pictures.


A little ahead I turned right towards Denkanikottai. Up till now the roads had been a mix of potholes and patches of clear tarmac. Now the road became silky smooth. Well paved road lined with trees. What a fun to ride. The road also follows a raised elevation which provides an excellent view of the surroundings. Stopped by to take some more pics.

Seasonal Lake

Soon I was at Denkanikottai. As I entered the city, I happened to see a boiler chai shop. Quick U-turn and I was happily munching on a bun with a glass full of tea.

Now I one thing I like about riding in Tamil Nadu is the boiler tea. Freshly made and served glass full. Much in contrast with Karnataka where you get that stale tea in small plastic cups.



After Denkanikottai, the jungles start. The road narrows, climbs up and down a hill flanked by dense forest on both sides.

Selfie with a weird looking tree growing on a rock side

I again stopped at a seasonal lake to take some pictures. This time of the bike reflecting in the waters.

Bike Reflections
Bike, Mountain & Trees Reflections
Roadside temple

By now my stomach was complaining of hunger. So at Anchetty I stopped for breakfast.

Dosa Making
Hot crispy Dosa

Few hot crispy dosa later I was on my way. Too bad there was no filter coffee.

coconut trees

At Anchetty I turned right towards Kanakpura. After leaving Anchetty, the road first crosses some fields and then enters the forest. The road through the forest is freshly laid and fun to drive.

Freshly paved road

There is hardly any traffic

Gulmohar in bloom. Very few blooming Gulmohars this year.

Once the jungle ends, fields take over and then small towns. The road condition also deteriorates till Kanakpura town. Once at Kanakpura it was a straight road home. By 1230 I was back in the parking lot.

Trip Stats
Distance: 210Km
Start Time: 0500
End Time: 1230
Expenses – Food: 47
Expenses – Fuel: 300