Trip Date: Feb 7th 2016

Saturday evening situation: Sitting with school friends and reminiscing school days. Suddenly I realized I haven’t ridden for more than a month. Fortunately Sunday was free. WhatsApp’ed a few friends. No one was free. Availability of companions is always a challenge with unplanned rides. Decided to head out towards Kolar and ahead.

So Sunday morning Lily (our dog) had to eat her meal alone without me accompanying her with my cup of tea. By 0615 I was on the Kolar highway.

BikeRideMordhanaDam_006Outside Confident Amoon on the Kolar Highway

There were a few clouds over the horizon, giving hope of a hoping for a spectacular sunrise over the Narsapura Lake. By the time I reached Narsapura, low lying clouds had blanketed the rising sun. Disappointed I moved ahead. As I reached the top of Kolar CCD flyover, the sun was just starting to peep out. On the opposite side of CCD is a small lake with a dirt track flanking the banks. Deciding to explore that area, I took a U-turn to head down that track.

Just around the corner, hidden from the road, a group of college students were hanging around with loud music from their car. I left them behind and drove down the track, following the boundary of the lake. Another sharp bend around a rocky outcrop and I hit gold.

Up ahead was a small hillock, with an expanse view of the surrounding. The track had all but disappeared and I had to make do with driving over the rocks. Fortunately this was far enough from the highway to not become a heaven for night boozers. So no broken glass to worry about.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

BikeRideMordhanaDam_014BikeRideMordhanaDam_026BikeRideMordhanaDam_020BikeRideMordhanaDam_013BikeRideMordhanaDam_037 After a good 30min of taking pictures, I just hung around there to enjoy the cool breeze and take in the setting.

Finally the ‘talab‘ for good coffee broke my reverie and I started considering my options. Given that I generally do not classify CCD coffee as ‘good’, my options were to find a darshini in Kolar or Bangarpet. After considering for a while, i decided to take the Kolar option. There is a small coffee/idlli shop a Km on the Kolar side of flyover which goes over the KGF road.


It wasn’t long before I was enjoying a hot glass of frothy filter coffee.

After two glasses of coffee, I returned back to the highway, only to take the next right to Bethamangala. Over the cups of coffee, I had scouted around on google maps and identified Mordhana Dam as the place to head to.

The Kolar-Bethamangala highway is quite picturesque with fields and trees lining up the side. There are occasional hills and rocks towering over the road. This early in the morning there was ample of fog, creating an eerie atmosphere.


Foggy Morning

BikeRideMordhanaDam_057Curves through the jungle

After Bethamangala, VKota soon followed and then the short but beautiful stretch of Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. In the middle of this sanctuary, there is a small temple. Outside the temple there is a nice and shaded platform, probably meant for weary travelers to rest. There is also a hand pump which gives remarkably sweet water. Today the place was the resting and cooking spot for several workers who were laying down pipeline through the forest.

Deciding not to stop, I descended towards Pernambut.


Plains of Pernambut

BikeRideMordhanaDam_067Beginning of the descent to Pernambut

A little ahead, at Gudiyattam I stopped for a masala cola and locally made khari biscuits. From there I turned towards Palamaner. The road to Mordhana Dam turns left from a place called Amburampatti on the Gudiyattam-Palamaner highway.

The road is a narrow one, first going thorough a small jungle and then across spread out fields. At the end is a small village followed by the dam and reservoir. It is a neat little picnic spot with a large overflowing reservoir. I could see a temple on the other side over a mud track.Did not go that far. I hung around the reservoir for a while and ventured out to take a short dip. The afternoon was hot and water pleasant.


Lonely Road to Mordhana Dam BikeRideMordhanaDam_095Mordhana Dam

BikeRideMordhanaDam_077-PanoReservoir behind the Dam

BikeRideMordhanaDam_099Resting under the shade

After a while I returned the way I came and joined the road towards Palmaner. The road is nice and well shaded. The heat was tiring. So I stopped a couple of times to rest and take pictures. At Palmaner, I turned left towards Bangalore. The highway is boring to say the least. Only thing I could do was to twist the throttle and rush home. In between I stopped for lunch and at a milk parlor for cold badam milk.

BikeRideMordhanaDam_071Procession of the cow BikeRideMordhanaDam_105Reflections

BikeRideMordhanaDam_110A small kid who hung around as I rested under a tree

BikeRideMordhanaDam_117LunchmapRoute Map

Trip Stats Distance: 360Km
Start Time: 0545
End Time: 1700
Expenses – Food: 376
Expenses – Fuel: 400