Bike Ride: 1097 Solo to Wild ‘n Wet Valparai – Day 1

Bike Ride: 1097 Solo to Wild ‘n Wet Valparai – Day 2

Bike Ride: 1097 Solo to Wild ‘n Wet Valparai – Day 3



Route Map (Day 1: Light Blue; Day 2: Dark Blue; Day 3: Purple)

Day 3: Palakkad to Bangalore – 457 Km

The morning started as banal as ever. I was not looking forward to the day. It was going to be a long boring ride on divided NH. Was out of the hotel early to avoid the day heat.


On the highway


A good selfie


Breakfast just before Bhavani

Over breakfast I got this bright idea to abandon the NH and follow some backroads. Having been in the Bhavani/Mettur area so many times, I probably know the area like the back of my hand. And that was a gem of an idea; though it did increase the overall distance by around 100Km.

Almost instantly the monotonicity of the NH was replaced by the shaded trees and colorfulness of a country road. I was having fun again.


Selfie under the shady tree


Cauvery at Mettur


On the banks of Cauvery

Past Mettur, I turned towards Pennagaram. This is a lovely route with the road gliding gently over rolling hills. I have been on this route before on another ride. At that time it was much drier and now that monsoon was on its way out, I was looking forward to greener scenery.


How green is my valley


Another selfie under the shady trees

From Pennagaram, I had a choice to take the route via Hogenakal or via Dharampuri. Decided to go via Dharampuri and was home by early evening.




999Km for the trip