Canine Adventures – Driving with Lily: Day 0

A four day car camping trip with Lily. The original plan was to do a bike ride which I hadn’t done for a long time. However, when needed the bike was not in a condition to make a multi-day trip. So decided to take the car. Now that the car was going, Lily was invited as a co-passenger. An offer she couldn’t refuse.

Route Map
Day 0 – Blue
Day 1 – Purple
Day 2 – Green
Day 3 – Orange
Last of the blooming Gulmohar’s for the season.
A roadside break after couple of hours of driving. Sitting on the chair under the coconut shade with breeze blowing. Gave me the feel of a vacation.
Windmills at Chitradurga. The open field gave a break to Lily to run around and stretch her legs.
So the original plan was to head towards Jog Falls. However, before the Neelamangala toll plaza, I see this road sign – Davangere 200 something Km.
Recalling I have been wanting to go and try the Davangere Benne Dosa, the first destination was decided to be Davangere.
Calling up a friend, I checked on where to go and there we were. Gulping down how dosa. I also got a few packed for Lily and subsequent meals.
After Davangere, I turned towards Jog falls. There is no highway, just back-roads going though some beautiful country.
And did I say even the roads were good with proper curves.
And then it started raining. Heavy enough for me to stop.
Lily out for a stroll once the rain stopped.
Raja Falls side of Jog. The water was in full flow. leaving Lily to growl and bark at some monkeys, I walked down till the track was open. It was closed much further as the pathway was quite slippery.
Main side of Jog Falls. I parked near the end of the lot and could take Lily out on the lease. There were several other street dogs who did not like Lily’s presence.
Selfie at the Jog Falls. Lily was focused on some reptile on the other side of the railing.
Falls in their full glory
Lily posing for a portrait at Jog Falls

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