Mindfulness & The Art of Slow Photography

my view was limited to what was in close proximity, the only sound was nature, in the stillness the frogs regained their confidence and reappeared in the algae coated water, a stork settled and turtle edged along his perch

from https://johnwreford.wordpress.com/2019/11/27/mindfulness-the-art-of-slow-photography/

This is the fun of photographing nature. You sit there absorbing nature – sensing the sounds and smells, enjoying every bit of it.

The blog above starts of well but ends abruptly. I was expecting more.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness & The Art of Slow Photography

  1. Thank you for adding the link to my post.
    Not sure what more you were expecting? Was a few hundred words on me being depressed, the need to clear my head and perhaps incorporating photography into mindfulness. I am not teaching anything here just sharing my thoughts and stories connected to my work and travel.
    Sorry to disappoint.

    1. My apologies if it offended you.
      Thinking back to yesterday, I guess I was hoping to read more on the connection between mindfulness and slow photography. Its something I always felt, but never was able to put to words.
      Thank you for blogging about it.

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