Bike Ride: Bangalore Backroads – North East of Bangalore

Ride Map.

A ride after a long time. Just wanted to hit the roads, going no where and just enjoying the countryside.

Confident Aamoon on Kolar Road
Light trials at Confident Aamoon

Left around 0530 and took the 1st short break at Confident Aamoon. Sun was just rising in front and I was hoping for a good sunrise over the Narsapura lake.

The sunrise at Narsapura was a disappointment. Horizon was mostly clouds. Having no particular destination in mind I decided to head towards H Cross.

To my surprise the road has completely transformed. The narrow rural road is now a divided highway meant for trucks for going to and fro from the industrial area they are building at Bheemapura. I had some great memories of this road with a few great pictures. Ahh the cost of progress.

At H Cross, I stopped for a cup of tea and then turned towards Chintamani. Few Km down the Chintamani road, took another break in the fields. The sun had cleared the horizon and was now rising above the morning fog. It was time to take some pictures.

Took the Chintamani bypass towards Madanpalli. The road from Chintamani to Madanpalli is another one I have always enjoyed. The curved roads are flanked by fields, forests and a spattering of water.

Near a water body, couple of young guys were bathing their buffaloes. Took another break, chatted with them and took some pictures.

At Madanpalli, I was quite hungry. But first I had to refuel the bike. Having done that, I stopped at an idly truck for breakfast. Dosa, Omlette and fresh orange juice was sufficient to keep me going.

From Madanpalle, I turned north towards Kadiri, planning to cut west somewhere in between and join the Hyderabad -Bangalore highway.

That opportunity to turn west came at Balasamudram. Here I took a rural road which would eventually join the NH44 at Kodur.

The road went through several village and several road blocks where the locals were asking for money for upcoming Holi festival.

This was going to be the best part of the ride.

The landscape was mostly barren and shrubs with occasional tree breaking the ground to rise above the rest of the terrain.

I started looking for one such tree which would stand in contrast to the surroundings. Having found one such location, I stopped again to take some pictures.

The lone tree standing tall amidst a barren field, with a spattering of hillocks in the backdrop was a beautiful sites. Few clouds in the sky broke the monotonicity of blue.

Having joined the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway, I felt it was time for lunch. Spying a Rajasthani dhabha, I stopped for food. Chana masala was the day’s special and I ordered it along with roti and curd.

A hearty meal and I started on the last leg of the ride.

10 hrs and 375 Km later I was home with a good day’s ride under my belt.

Ride Month: Feb 2020
Distance: ~380Km