Bike Ride: Dandiganahalli Dam

Ride to Dandiganahalli Dam near Chikkaballapur with a colleague and friend UmaShankar.

Most rides in 2020 are there just to escape the lock down and restrictions to stay at home. Also wanted to take the D250 for a spin and get more miles on the bike.

So off we went for a small breakfast ride through the backroads.

Instead of taking the airport road, we took the backroad through Hoskote to Sidlaghatta to Chikkaballapur. Beautiful road flanked by fields and lots of greenery owning to the rains.

At Chikkaballapur we stopped at a roadside thela for coffee. Would have preferred a filter coffee joint, but had to do with instant coffee.

Couple of dark cloud up ahead had me worried. I wasn’t anticipating rain and I had not packed any rain gear.

Turning off towards the dam, we found this large reservoir and stopped for a break and pictures.

Wild weed reflections in the reservoir.

Soon we were at the dam. Seemed a pretty popular place with a few cars, many bikes and a cycle or two. Mostly college crowd.

Walked around the place a little. There seems to be a way to walk to the further end of the lake, but we decided against it given the riding gear etc.

There was a fallen tree next to the lake which gave a few photo opportunities.

Having spent a little time at the dam, we decided to take an alternate route back to airport. Stopped in between for a picture.

Turning west and then south, we took the road going to Doddaballapur. This road has been completely transformed since I rode on it last. From an idyllic semi-rural road this is turned into a wide highway. Good for speed, but not for a morning ride.

Doddaballapur itself has changed. A big flyover and several new shops. The place looks completely different from the days we went to Pyare-Punjabi dhabha on Tumkur road.

Joining the Airport road we took a little diversion to Indian Parantha Place for breakfast and then back via Hebbal to home.

A short a sweet ride.

Ride Month: Aug 2020
Distance: ~200Km

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