Bike Ride: Shetahalli Church

Ride to Shetahalli Church outside Hassan.

I always wanted to ride to Shetahalli Church near Hassan. However the ride on NH75 always dissuaded me. I find riding on the new National Highways extremely boring, not to mention that it lulls me to sleep. The wide new highways with their chopped down trees and village bypasses are devoid of any character.

One day I was looking at the map, and realized that I can actually go towards Mysore and then turn North-West to reach Hassan, an idea of a ride was born. And of course the desire to get to 5K Km on my D250 was another motivation.

Decided to avoid the Mysore highway and take my once favorite Kanakpura Highway. Nowadays the task of widening this highway is well underway. This means bad traffic and death knell to many of the trees.

Yet a side lane with inspiring view of some monoliths, a few Km from Kanakpura, still exists. My old Avenger has seen many photo shoots on that stretch. So took a break for the same.

One of the monoliths in the background.

At Bannur, I turned towards Srirangapatna and then towards KRS reservoir.

The stretch along the reservoir with green field and inundated trees was the highlight of the day. The water and the greenery presented with ample photo opportunities.

Coracles parked on water’s edge.

Break on edge of a field.

Having crossed the KRS reservoir, I headed towards the Hemavathi Reservoir. The Shetahalli Church is submerged by this reservoir.

Picture of Gorur Dam from the road. Took me a while and a few stops to look at Google Maps to get to the Church.

Being the season after the monsoons, the church was completely submerged. They had dug up the road leading to the banks. The reasonable number of tourists who were there were content to walk the short distance down to the water.

I decided to head on ahead towards a bridge a little way ahead. There is a good view of the church from the bridge. I stopped at the bridge. Few others were stopped there. Hung around a while and got a picture taken from another helpful tourist.

9 year old picture of the same church in July when the water levels were down and hardly anyone visited the place.

After I while I traced my route back to the main road and then NH75 to back home. On the way stopped at Murali Military Hotel for a well deserved mutton lunch.

Ride Month: Oct 2020

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