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JBlogEditor and JHelpBuilder

It has been a long while (years) since I made a release of JBlogEditor and JHelpBuilder. In my free time, I have always added code here and there to both project, but no significant new features. I now realize that... Continue Reading →


Blogger Data API

A few days ago Google released Blogger Data APIs. Haven't tried it out yet, but it should make writing the blogger plugin for JBlogEditor easy. Plan to try it out this weekend.

New JBlogEditor website

This morning I checked in the new JBlogEditor website into sourceforge svn. I picked up the MultiFlex21 template from and modified it to my needs. There are more open source templates available at OSWD. Using one of these templates... Continue Reading →


LJWindow is a LiveJournal Java Client written by Petr Panteleyev. Petr has been kind enough to release a separate LJ API, which I can use in JBlogEditor. I am still finalizing the list of features for the next JBlogEditor release,... Continue Reading →

JBlogEditor on Sourceforge

Last week I was able to take some time out to upload JBlogEditor source to sourceforge svn. The source can be found at JBlogEditor SVN. The sourceforge project is at I uploaded the old html contents at project home... Continue Reading →

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