…The only thing they can’t duplicate is your culture… Do you know the difference between strategy and culture? Well, when Napoleon was in Paris in a room with all his generals around a table, discussing how to attack Russia, that’s strategy. But what makes a million men march to Moscow, that is culture!”

via Creating a Culture of Unconditional Love – Claudio Fernández-Aráoz – Harvard Business Review.

The other side

Reading Unwanted by Tagore

…and then, right at the bottom was Satish’s precious swan inkstand.

Amazed and flushed, Kiran sat pondering for a long time with the inkstand in her hand. When Nilkanta came into the room from behind her, she never even noticed. He saw everything; realized that Kiran had herself come like a thief to confirm his thieving, and he had been caught. But how could he explain that he had not stolen like a common thief out of greed, that he’d done in retaliation, that he’d meant to throw the think into the river, and only in a moment of weakness he had not thrown it away, but had buried it in his box? He was not a thief, he was not a thief? But then what was he? How could he say what he was? The fact that Kiran had suspected him – it was cruel injustice of this that he would never be able to explain, never be able to bear.

Read this story a few days back and since then this part has stuck to my mind. I could not put my finger on what only this part stuck to me. There was something different, perhaps something special. And then today while drive back after a tiring day it stuck me. It was the description of what was going on in the mind of unseen Nilkanta. In such situations, most stories/books/writers would just talk about what Kiran’s thought and what would be going on in her mind.

Not Tagore. He drops a hint as to what Kiran is thinking, which is obvious, and moves on to Nilkanta. Mastery at work.

Measuring Impact On Lives | LinkedIn

Good question to ask and a way to seek and answer to  How Will You Measure Your Life?

Measuring impact in work, business or life can be challenging and surprising……

In my experience and observation if you greatly influence the life of one, you will have more ultimate impact than in having a shallow influence on the lives of many.

via Measuring Impact On Lives | LinkedIn.

Not a great read but does raise a good question.

Holding on to principles

Clay Christensen wrote a remarkable article, How Will You Measure Your Life? One message in particular stands out: Don’t cross the line and violate your principles, even if it’s “just this once.” As Christensen put it, “It’s easier to hold to your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold to them 98% of the time.” Once you make an exception, you’re on a slippery slope.

The IRS Just Sent Me $160,000. Can I Keep It?

Lazy Sunday reading

I tried telling him that I was an old boy of the school and that I was visiting the town after a long interval. This was true up to a point, because I had once been admitted to this very school, and after one day’s attendance had insisted on going back to my old school. The guard was unimpressed. And perhaps it was poetic justice that the gates were barred to be now.

Funny Side Up by Ruskin Bond

Nothing better that to read a Bond (Ruskin) on a lazy Sunday morning while Pareena takes care of her homework with occasional help.



The need for new walls

It’s an old story now: we thought our ,technologies — laptops, smartphones, email —would free us from being stuck to the office but it’s backfired: the office is now stuck to us. We have lost our boundaries. Space used to be a natural demarcation; when you left your office you left your work. But our work spaces have lost their walls. We need new walls.