Bangalore Streets with a bodycap

Decided to walk through the city market with a body cap lens. Not the best lens but very inconspicuous and a beauty with Pen-F. Also decided to use the ART monochrome mode. A lot of fun.


Ramzan Delicacies

Photographs from my annual visit to Ramzan Food stalls. Visited Shivaji Nagar and Mosque Road.

Mosque road has ended up being like a touristy place catering to IT crowd. The festive mahaul (environment/ambience/energy) was at Shivaji Nagar. Though it had started drizzling when I was there, the crowd of families, joy on people faces – general festivities made it a good place to be around.

In terms of pictures, primarily used fixed focal length 45 and 85 mm lenses to focus on people rather than food.

Overall a fun experience.



Singapore Street B&W


A photowalk of the Ramzan eateries in Bangalore

Spring Blooms in AECS Layout

Come spring and AECS layout, and the area around where I live,  is adorned with Tabebuia Rosea flowers showering their pink hue all over the place. For last several years I have been wanting to go out early in the morning and click come pictures. Given that the blooms last for a few weeks only, I have never managed to do so till today. Some pictures from the flower walk this morning.